Saturday, February 2, 2013

Test & Measurement Finance: Budget Tightening Again? Still?

In the Test & Measurement world, budget tightening has been a common theme that doesn’t seem to go away.  We hear it from our customers daily that their budgets have been reduced or frozen, or that their capital dollars have dried up.  

It spans over industries from aerospace to military & defense, on over to energy & utilities, and back to electronics. It can be exhausting.  Whether we like it or not (read: nightmares about your boss knotting the noose), the pressure to keep at or below budget is a constant pressure that most likely will be our reality for some time.  

It seems our customers are figuring out some go-arounds.  Whether it be buying used or extending the useful life of their equipment by using a repair facility, lab managers are being financially creative.  And in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing what we see here from our end of the market.  Until then,  

Here’s to your financial success.

Suzanne Bick, CFO